Bi Metalic Thermometers

Bi Metalic Thermometers




Using some of the best equipment  and latest technology in temperature measurement, we can offer a wide range range of cost effective bi metalic thermometers.

Due to the vast range of bi-metallic thermometers please contact us for prices and information.



Temperature is the most commonly measured process parameter in the world as it is often critical to the success or failure of a process. Bimetal Thermometers are a simple and cost effective way to achieve a visual indication of temperature in a process. Otherwise known as a bimetallic dial thermometer, they operate by employing the use of two dissimilar metals that react to temperature at differing rates.


The metallic elements are welded together to form a coil, and expand and contract as a reaction to temperature change. This movement is connected to a dial pointer through mechanical linkages and is translated into a rotational movement, thereby providing a visual reading.

Bimetal Thermometers are available with a wide range of options, and can offer accurate visual temperature readings from -70…600°C. Versions are available with up to IP68 Ingress Protection and ATEX versions are avialable for use in potentially epxplosive atmospheres.


Certificates of calibration

Our in house calibration laboratory offers certification for all temperature instrumentation. Each certificate indicates deviations from standards at various temperature check points.