Duplex Gauge

Duplex Gauge




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Duplex gauges are designed to measure pressure at two independent points, an internal system designed to measure and display two pressure readings from two seperate points, allowing you to calculate the difference in pressure between two points.





Duplex Gauge Mounting Options:


Direct Mounted Bottom Entry

Direct Mounted Bottom Entry 3 Hole Back Plate

Direct Mounted Bottom Entry Flush Panel Mounted

Centre Back Entry Clamp Fixing

Centre Back Entry Flush Panel Mounted

Direct Mounted Centre Back Entry


Duplex Gauge Dial Size (mm):  


100 & 160mm


Duplex Gauge Fittings:


2 x ½” BSP or ½” NPT


Duplex Gauge Technical Data


Case: Bayonet Lock, AISI304-1.4301, IP-65 Standard with Blowout

Wetted Parts: Double Bourdon Tube, AISI316Ti/1.4571

Window: Mineral 4mm

Dial: Aluminium, Black Figures on White

Pointers: Two Pointers, 1 x Black & 1 x Red, Aluminium

Movement: Brass

Accuracy: ±1.0%F.S/Class 1.0


Absolute Gauge Options & Accessories:


Glycerine Filled

Differential Scale - Small Scale in Centre Read Differential Pressure

"Hz" Contact Device - Only Possible with One Pointer 

Calibration Certification


Absolute Gauge Ranges (Offered in dual or single scale):



-1/0 -1/0.6 -1/1.5 -1/3 -1/5 -1/9 -1/15 -1/24 0/0.6 0/1 0/1.6 0/2.5 0/4
  0/6 0/10 0/16 0/25 0/40 0/60 0/100 0/160 0/250 0/400 0/600 0/1000 0/1600


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