Compound Gauge

Compound Gauge


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All stainless steel compound gauges. Measures both vacuum & pressure. Suitable for almost all measuring mediums and operation conditions, also suitable for corrosive environments.

They can be installed on every chemical, petrochemical plants, onshore and offshore applications, machinery, food and pharmaceutical industry.

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Compound Gauge Mounting Options:


Direct Mounted Bottom Entry

Bottom Entry Surface Mounted

Direct Mounted Centre Back Entry

Direct Mounted Bottom Back Entry

Flush Panel Mounted Bottom Back Entry 3 Hole Front Flange

Flush Panel Mounted Centre Back Entry 3 Hole Front Flange

Panel Mounted Clamp Fixing Bottom Back Entry

Panel Mounted Centre Rear Clamp Fixing

Compound Gauge Dial Size (mm):  


40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 & 300mm

Compound Gauge Fittings (Male & Female Available):


BSPP   ¼”, ⅜ & ½”

BSPT    ¼”, ⅜ & ½”

NPT      ¼”, ⅜ & ½”

Compound Gauge Technical Data


Accuracy: Class 1, Acc. To EN837

Window: Safety Glass

Movement: Stainless Steel

Dial: Aluminium, Black Numerals on White Background

Pointer: Aluminium, Black Painted, Micrometric Adjustable

Blowout Points: Back & Top

Welding: T.I.G

Case: St. St. 304

Wetted Parts: St. St. 316


Compound Gauge Options & Accessories:


Overpressure 100%

Accuracy 0.5%

Case St. St. 316

Acrylic Window with Max Value Pointer Settable from Front

Perspex Window

Glycerine Filled, Silicon Oil Filled

Internal Dampener

Mounting with Diaphragm Seal

Electrical Contacts

Pulsation Dampener, Overpressure Protector, Syphon, Needle Valve

Calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standard

UKAS Calibration Certificate


Compound Gauge Ranges (Offered in dual or single scale):


BAR -1/1 -1/2 -1/4 -1/7 -1/11 -1/14 -1/20 -1/28 -1/40
PSI -30/15 -30/30 -30/60 -30/100 -30/160 -30/200 -30/300 -30/400 -30/600


If you need any further information, or wish to enquire about our compound gauges, please contact us

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