Diaphragm Bolted Seal Gauge

Diaphragm Bolted Seal Gauge


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These seals are combined for use with pressure gauges or transmitters, and are intended for use in the chemical industry.



Diaphragm Bolted Seal Mounting Options:


Screwed Connection

Flanged Cotton Reel

Recessed Diaphragm

Bolt Seal


Diaphragm Bolted Seal Gauge Dial Size (mm):  


63, 100 160, 200 and 250mm


Pressure Rating:


Up to 600 BAR Maximum


Diaphragm Bolted Seal Gauge Technical Data


Accuracy: 1.6%

Window: Glass

Movement: Stainless Steel

Dial: Aluminium, Black Numerals on White Background

Pointer: Aluminium Oxidised Aluminium

Case & Bezel: 304 St. St. Bayonet Locking Bezel Weatherproof Construction

Connection & Element: AISI 316 Stainless Steel


Diaphragm Bolted Seal Gauge Options & Accessories:


PTFE Lining with PTFE Protected Diaphragm (Pressure Only)

For Vacuum Diaphragm is PFA Coated

Perspex Window

Liquid Filled

Customer Logo

Male Threads

Electrical Contacts

Remote Type with St St Capillary, Flush Panel or Surface Mounting



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